Membership Application Process


Why Become a Member

As a member of RSPO, one can contribute constructively towards promoting the growth and use of sustainable palm oil to protect People, Planet and Profit. These are some of the benefits:

  • Continued use of palm oil as it is a relatively inexpensive, wholesome and highly versatile edible oil with the awareness that the RSPO is fully committed to addressing the adverse impacts of 'uncertified' palm oil cultivation globally.
  • Membership is the first step an organization can demonstrate in their journey towards embracing sustainability in palm oil.
  • The International standard of the RSPO is recognized globally as a certification standard for sustainable palm oil.
  • Certification of your mill and supply base according to the RSPO Standard (Principles & Criteria) provides a level of assurance and confidence amongst your customers that you are a responsible producer of sustainable palm oil.
  • Active participation along the palm oil supply chain of RSPO’s 7 membership categories from upstream to downstream.
  • International Market Access.
  • A strategic platform to create & influence policies and key decisions.
  • Access to best practices on agricultural; environmental and social aspects.
  • Enhances value of palm oil as the largest traded commodity / edible oil that is sustainably certified.
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and profitability with sustainable palm oil practices.

For parties who are interested to become members of the RSPO, the documents indicated below serve as important background information.


Check the Requirements

RSPO Statutes RSPO Code of Conduct for Ordinary and Affiliate members RSPO Code of Conduct for Supply Chain Associate members

The Code of Conduct is an important requirement for all members to understand and accept as the RSPO reserves the right to withdraw membership if the requirements are not complied with.

Once you have read through these documents and understood the role your organization can play, you may complete the application form indicating the type of membership applied for. Guidelines for the 3 membership types are provided below for you to select from. Nevertheless, members will be appropriately advised if the type of membership they have applied for is incorrect.

All membership applications go through a process whereby background research is undertaken; submitted documents are reviewed; input is received from various stakeholders followed by a final approval from the RSPO Secretary General upon endorsement from the Executive Board. Any appeals to applications declined will be handed by an Arbitration Board.

Membership of the RSPO includes a two-year commitment consecutively with membership fees payable annually.
Membership is renewable annually thereafter.



Ordinary Membership

My organisation is directly involved within the palm oil supply chain, or is an associated NGO

Please choose your category. If your organisation is involved in more than one of these categories, please select one which represents your primary business activity.

Affiliate Membership

I work with an organisation (or I am an individual) that is not directly involved in the palm oil supply chain in any of the 7 categories in the Ordinary Membership above

Please choose your category.

Supply Chain Associate

I work with an organisation that has business activities along the palm oil supply chain but limited to purchasing, using, or trading not more than 500 metric tonnes of palm oil and palm oil products annually

Please choose your category.

What happens after you submit your application

Membership Fees

Membership TypeFees
Ordinary Member€ 2,000.00 per year
Ordinary Member: Smallholder Group Manager
(More than 1,999 ha)
(1,000 to 1,999 ha)
(Less than 1,000 ha)

€ 2,000.00 per year
€ 1,000.00 per year
€ 250.00 per year
Ordinary Member: Outgrower
(500 ha and below)
€ 500.00 per year
Affiliate Member€ 250.00 per year
Supply Chain Associate€ 100.00 per year

The first year’s membership fees will be invoiced upon acknowledgement of an organisation's application. The application will only be processed upon receipt of this fee and completed documentations.

Are you a parent company?

If applicable, please declare your parent company / subsidiaries in the application for our recording purposes. Kindly be informed that RSPO encourages parent companies to apply for RSPO Membership as they will benefit from the following:

  1. The membership by the parent company will include all the subsidiaries i.e. only one application needs to be submitted and only one membership fee to be paid
  2. Only one submission of the Annual Communications of Progress (ACOP)
  3. More convenient and simpler certification application