New Planting Procedure

RSPO Procedures for New Plantings (NPP)

New oil palm plantings from 1st January 2010 are to be in accordance with the RSPO Procedures for New Plantings (NPP). New oil palm plantings in the context of these procedures mean lands planned or proposed for oil palm plantings but upon which no work towards that end has commenced as at 1st January 2010. The new procedures are specified in the following documents and guidance. The guidance also provides for lands where work has commenced or where work has commenced on part of the land.

Key steps of NPP including:

  1. Conduct Impact Assessment (HCV assessment must be conducted RSPO approved Lead Assessors)
  2. Prepare Implementation Plan
  3. Verification by Certification Body
  4. Public Notification on RSPO Website for at least 30 days
  5. Proceed with new plantings if no comment, or the company has to address the comments made upon satisfactory resolution the company may proceed with new proposed development. If not, the comment will be escalated to Complaints Panel.

New Planting Procedure Notification for Public consultation

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