Members Tribute


"A unique crop calls for a unique organisation. The RSPO has managed to bring together -almost- all stakeholders to develop credible and practical standards that will make sustainable palm oil the norm, from production to consumption. It is our belief that the RSPO is the best way forward for oil palm."


MVO is very committed to sustainable sourcing of raw materials including palm oil and other palm products. MVO sees RSPO as a key initiative to reach this goal. MVO has set up the Task Force Sustainable Palm Oil that aims to reach the ambition of the use of only sustainable palm oil in 2015 in The Netherlands.


“Cargill has been an active member of the RSPO since 2004 and it has been instrumental in enabling organizations from across the supply chain to work together to improve the sustainability of palm oil production. We fully support the RSPO and its ongoing efforts to promote the growth and use of sustainable palm.”


There is a limit to what a small group of dedicated citizens can do. Meanwhile, no single large institution, whether government or corporation, has done much towards “greening” the global economy and, without help, the big ones may be bound by their vested interests. Enter a hybrid: a global not-for-profit association of many institutions with differing views on one topic, each with an equal voice in deciding by consensus what happens next. RSPO happens to be oil palm. The model could apply to other commodities or products. Malaysia can be proud to have this new breed of pioneering association in its midst, but Malaysians need to be bold and active to help make it work.