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PT Syngenta IndonesiaIndonesiaApprovedOrganisations
PT TRAKINDO UTAMAIndonesiaApprovedOrganisations
PT TÜV NORD IndonesiaIndonesiaApprovedOrganisations
PT TUV Rheinland IndonesiaIndonesiaApprovedOrganisations
Rainier Sabre Sdn.Bhd.MalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
Rio Tinto MineralsSingaporeApprovedOrganisations
Sarawak Oil Palm Plantation Owners AssociationMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
Schutter International BVNetherlandsApprovedOrganisations
SGS (Malaysia) Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
SIRIM QAS International Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
SPC Biodiesel Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
Syngenta Crop Protection AGSwitzerlandApprovedOrganisations
Syngenta Crop Protection Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
TenAsia Corporation Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
The Netherlands Feed Industry Association (NEVEDI)NetherlandsApprovedOrganisations
Trading Services London (T.S.L.)United KingdomApprovedOrganisations
Transworld Commodity Consultants (TCC)United KingdomApprovedOrganisations
TROPICAL OIL PRODUCTS PTE LTDSingaporeApprovedOrganisations
TUV Rheinland Malaysia Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
Verband der ölsaatenverarbeitenden Industrie in Deutschland e.V. (OVID)GermanyApprovedOrganisations
Vereniging voor de Bakkerij- en Zoetwarenindustrie (VBZ)NetherlandsApprovedOrganisations
Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center Sdn. Bhd.MalaysiaApprovedOrganisations
YTL-SV Carbon Sdn BhdMalaysiaApprovedOrganisations

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