Lasenor Emul SL

company dedicated to the production of lecithin and esters for industrial use in the food sector, as in the chemical. Located on the outskirts of Barcelona, in a dynamic industrial region.  Lasenor Emul, SL has sought its own line of expertise and coordinate and cover important aspects such as ease of obtaining raw materials, a substantial technological development and, most importantly, offer to the market the right products to their current needs.Lasenor Emul, SL has a certified System of Quality Management, one of the main tools is the system of continuous improvement, which is one of the challenges of the organization. It also has IP Non Gmo Soy Certificate and complies with the Standard Halal and Kosher.Foundation date: January 1, 2004Facilities: Lot size: 20,100 m2; Built: 4077 m2Number of workers: 44Lasenor Emul, SL is a Spanish

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03/04/2012 02/04/2017 Lasenor Emul S.L, Ctra C55 km 5,3 08640 Olesa de Monserrat, Barcelo Spain SG, MB View
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