PT Tri Bakti Sarimas

Vision: Working together with society to take advantage of existing potential natural resources through cooperation to develop integrated agribusiness which is environmentally friendly "zero waste program" 

Mission: Develop cultivation to produce materials which can compete in global market. 

Process all yields including waste to become commercial products for local and international market and achieve agribusiness which is environmentally friendly "zero waste program". 

Develop domestic (Indonesia) and international marketing network. Established Date October 1, 1986 Type of Business: Integrated Plantation and Manufacturer Plantation & Mill Location: Bukit Payung, Desa Pantai, District of Kuantan Mudik, Regency of Kuantan Singingi, Riau Province, Indonesia Area 
Oil Palm Plantation 23, 156 ha Cocoa 3, 196 ha (inclusive of intercropping 755 hectare) Cocoa seedling 10 haCoconut 2, 000 haTotal 28, 362 ha 

Production Capacity 
Crude Palm Oil (CPO) 60 tons of FFB/hour Cocoa Beans 3, 000 tons / year Compost 24, 000 tons / yearCoco fiber 2, 000 tons / yearCows 1, 800 cows 
Products Palm fresh fruit bunch, CPO, palm kernel, cocoa beans, cocoa seeds, coconuts, copra, coco fiber, coconut shell, charcoal, compost, cows, coal & complete animal feed.

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