Malaysia Smallholder NI Working Group (MY SWG)


The Malaysian Government had frequently expressed concern on the impact of the RSPO on smallholders in Malaysia and had called for their greater involvement to ensure that they are not sidelined or left out from the mainstream during the development of the RSPO supply chain. In response, the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) as the RSPO Executive Board member tasked with the national interpretation of the RSPO P&C in Malaysia, had been actively encouraging the organizations dealing with the smallholders in Malaysia e.g. FELDA, NASH and MPOB to attend our frequent meetings on the RSPO since early on. In Malaysia, we have more than 120,000 registered independent smallholders excluding those participating in government or state managed schemes.

During the Malaysian National Interpretation Working Group (MYNIWG) process, representatives of the National Smallholders Association (NASH) and others involved in the palm oil business with smallholders like FELDA, FELCRA, RISDA, FFB Traders, private millers’ association (POMA), MPOB, MPOC, SIRIM QAS have been active members in defining the MYNIWG guidance for smallholders in Malaysia. In addition, the MYNIWG had taken cognizance of three categories of smallholders/small-growers in Malaysia i.e. independent smallholders, organized smallholders and small-growers based on national regulations and guidelines.

Malaysian Smallholders Working Group (MYSWG)

Following the RSPO TFS call for public comments on its initial draft P&C in August last year, MPOA had organized two meetings to discuss the document and provide inputs. Members of the smallholders working group who attended the meetings comprised representatives from:

  DOA (Sabah)
  LKPP (Pahang)
  DOA (Pesticides Board)
  EPA Management (Kulim Group)
  FFB traders
  FoodReg Malaysia S/B
  BIOX Group Asia
  Wetlands International

The meetings were coordinated and chaired by MPOA. Inputs from these two meetings had been submitted to the RSPO TFS for consideration.

Objectives of the MYSWG

  To provide active inputs to the RSPO TFS development of RSPO P&C for smallholders, FPIC and other related programmes on behalf of smallholders’ interests in Malaysia
  To conduct awareness programmes/public forums, capacity building/training, gap analysis, field assessments, trial audits and group certification of smallholders and small-growers in Malaysia
  To assist smallholders and small-growers participate in the RSPO certification programmme

MYSWG Programmes

  Awareness programmes to be held on regional basis in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak
  Workshops on implications of RSPO P&C and MYNIWG document on smallholders and FFB traders etc and identification of smallholders groups
  Developing group certification mechanism with MPOB & SIRIM QAS
  Conducting gap analysis in selected smallholder groups followed by site selection for field assessments
  Conducting field assessments and trial audits on group certification
  Review on guidance for smallholders in MYNIWG document pending finalization of RSPO TFS P&C document
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