LIttle Voices Big Hearts

Much has been said about children being future leaders. And no doubt they are. While each one of us dedicate our resource and passion to conserving the world for the future of the next generation, the children of today, the future leaders - they themselves have a role to play from today on. By carrying the torch and spreading the message amongst their peers, on the importance of every single action to protect the world we live in, no matter how minute they may be, the role is indeed well served.

Here, it is our sincere hope to carry more messages on positively promoting sustainable palm oil via materials such as presentations materials; art pieces/drawings; poetry; essays; multimedia footage, captioned photography; etc. either directly from children all around the world or youth groups or from schools on behalf of children/students.

  I am Abbie Barnes, a 15 year old from the United Kingdom – but a child of the world. I want to see the RSPO trademark displayed on more and more products in the supermarket that use sustainable palm oil. That way I can be able to choose to buy products that contain palm oil which is environmentally friendly, as well as supporting and protecting the local people. My dream in the future is to become a wildlife conservationist and continue the work to help preserve our environment and our planet.

Abbie Barnes
15 years old, United Kingdom

  "I'm 11 years old and I’m from Malaysia. I (at first) didn’t support Palm Oil at all because of its environmental issues, such as deforestation, global warming and the killing of animals who originally lived in that piece of land. But now once I’ve heard about RSPO and how it supports Sustainable Palm Oil and after I did my research about it I realized that if we support RSPO we can make our world a better place."

Naveedhya Suresh
11 years old, Malaysian

  “In my opinion, palm oil is a very important raw material that my ancestors used for cooking and other things. So I think it is only fair that sustainable palm oil should be left alone and should be encouraged. I think sustainable palm oil should the future for protecting us children, our earth, everyone and everything.”

Bismo Mahardika
11 years old, Indonesian

Little Voices, Big Hearts is open to all children between the ages of '7' to '16' years old from anywhere in the World.

To those interested to be part of this program, all you need to do is copy the Personal Particulars and Consent Statement below, paste it on your emails, fill up your details then email it to with the Subject titled "Little Voices, Big Hearts - (Your Name) - Country.



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