Indonesia Smallholder NI Working Group (INA SWG)


Given that smallholders contribute significantly to the global production of palm oil whereas in Indonesia alone, they account of about 35% of the national output, it is vital that their needs are given due consideration by RSPO when implementing the RSPO P&C and certification protocol. The aim is to ensure that smallholders are active participants in the production of sustainable palm oil. Towards this end, the 2nd General Assembly in 2005 established a Smallholder Task Force (STF) to address smallholder concerns. Among the proposed activities, the STF is to conduct trials on the application of the P&C with smallholders in order to test the suitability of the P&C and verification procedures and to suggest modifications to better suit smallholders' interests, without compromising the goals of the RSPO.

As the STF has a wide mandate covering smallholders in all producing countries, an exploratory meeting with key RSPO members and stakeholders was held by RSPO Liaison Office in Jakarta on 18 January 2007 for determining the best approach in co-ordinating and expediting the Smallholders Task Force (STF) related activities specifically for Indonesia. The primary objective of the meeting was to review the current efforts being undertaken by various players and to discuss ways of improving cooperation among the key organizations in smallholder engagement with particular emphasis of making the RSPO P&C relevant and applicable to smallholders.

A plan has been set in motion for the commencement of the working group on smallholders composed of Indonesian RSPO members and stakeholders to deliberate, develop, test and promote a smallholder P&C for Indonesia, which is vital for smallholder's becoming sustainable palm oil producers. The working group will become part of National Interpretation of RSPO P&C with strong emphasis on smallholders' interests and situations.

The working group, named as STF-Indonesia, comprises of stakeholders from various interest and who have close engagement with smallholders as follows:

  Government - Ministry of Agriculture, IPOC
  NGOs - Sawit Watch, WWF-Indonesia
  Growers - GAPKI and its members (nucleus companies)
  Smallholders' representatives - APKASINDO, ASPEKPIR, SPKS

Dr. Asril Darussamin of IPOC and Mr. Suhandri of WWF-Indonesia were elected Chairman and Vice-chairman of the working group, respectively, and Mr. Norman Jiwan of Sawit Watch as secretary. RILO serves as facilitator for the working group.

The preliminary terms of reference for the working group are:

  to produce draft of national interpretation of RSPO P&C and the accompanying Indicator & Guidance for smallholders - scheme and independent smallholders. This is equivalent with the national interpretation process of RSPO P&C in Indonesia currently developed by INA-NIWG, but scaled and modified to the smallholders' needs and situations in Indonesia while maintaining verifiable indicators for auditing and eventual certifications against RSPO P&C. The document will also form an integral part of International Smallholders Task Force documents
  to conduct public consultation on developed draft of NI of RSPO P&C for smallholders
  to conduct pilot testing for the application of developed criteria in smallholders' plantation
  to produce final National Interpretation document of RSPO P&C and accompanying Indicator & Guidance for smallholders in Indonesia (based on public consultation and pilot phase results) for further endorsement by RSPO Executive Board..

Objectives of the formation of working group are:

  Provide an effective, practical and measurable RSPO P&C and accompanying Indicator & Guidance, suitable to the smallholders' interests and situations as well as laws & regulations in Indonesia, in order to enable wider implementation among oil palm smallholders in Indonesia;
  Provide references and basic guidance for audit verification;
  Opportunity to broadly communicate on RSPO P&C among oil palm smallholders, plantation companies and concerned stakeholders.
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