High Conservation Value Resource Centre

The HCV Resource Centre is established by the HCV Resource Network. It is formed by a group of organisations who use the HCV approach, including environmental and social NGOs, international development agencies, timber and forest product certifiers, suppliers and buyers, and forest managers. The Network aims to encourage collaboration, provide information and support on the evolving usage of HCV, and ensure that a consistent approach to HCV is understood and applied throughout the world.

More Information such as the national interpretations of HCV toolkit, examples of HCV assessment report, HCV guidance document, HCV training workshops and courses, list of HCV practitioners are available on the resource centre of the HCV Resource Network . Please go to the link for more information: http://www.hcvnetwork.org/resources


For latest studies on biodiversity management and conservation within the oil palm landscape, please visit to http://oilpalm-biodiversity.info/

For latest list of threatened and endangered species and its geographical distribution, please visit to http://www.iucnredlist.org/