GreenPalm Book & Claim Certificates FAQs

For more information about  GreenPalm certificate trading, please follow this link to the GreenPalm website:

  •   There are 4 key supply chain mechanisms that make for sustainable palm oil: Identity Preserved; Segregated; Mass Balance & GreenPalm certificates.
      GreenPalm certificate trading has paved the way by opening up markets for sustainable palm oil, with Segregated followed by Mass Balance supply .
      The volume of GreenPalm certificate trading remains a viable and significant mechanism option.

  • The RSPO objective and ambition is for all global palm oil production to be certified as sustainable. If this is accomplished then certificate trading would be redundant.
  • Not at all. Certificate trading has a key role to play, in particular when opening up new geographic markets. With China and India; being the only realistic option for complex derivatives of palm oil; and being an outlet for the vital smallholder sector. Please consider - China and India are the only realistic options for complex derivatives of palm oil. Both these nations provide an outlet that is for the crucial especially for the smallholder sector.
  •   In the short term it is important to RSPO that all certified producers have access to markets for certified sustainable oil, especially if they do not have access to the physical markets (for example not everyone can export to Europe).
      GreenPalm provides financial incentives to all producers,regardless of who or where they are and it is the only supply chain option which provides direct payments to producers from end users.
  •   It is important that all end users support sustainable palm oil production, including those who do not have access to segregated oil.
      GreenPalm provides that access for all end users, regardless of who or where they are located and what derivatives they use.
  • The RSPO is supportive of all supply chain options. We aspire to an entirely certified market. Until that time we expect GreenPalm to continue to play an instrumental role in the promotion of sustainable palm oil.