eTrace FAQs

‘Old’ system   : RSPO IT System ;
‘New’ system  : RSPO eTrace

  • RSPO eTrace is the system for the traceability of physical trade of RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).

  • With RSPO eTrace, we hope to have improved the current traceability System, in order to serve the vision of RSPO In transforming the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm.  Transparency, disclosure, clarity and efficiency in the physical trading of CSPO and its fractions along the supply chain are imperative in fulfilling this vision. Members play a key role in ensuring this is achieved by participating, contributing and administrating the RSPO transactions to the best of their abilities.

  • RSPO eTrace is a result of extensive and intensive discussions amongst members of the RSPO’s Trade & Traceability Standing Committee on how to ensure transparency, disclosure, clarity and efficiency in the physical trading of CSPO and its fractions along the supply chain. It is designed to serve as closely as possible the needs of the RSPO members along the supply chain. The online platform for both the existing and new system is technically developed and managed by UTZ CERTIFIED.

  • RSPO offers four supply chain models; a physical trading system via Mass Balance (MB), Segregated (SG) and Identity Preserved (IP) through the online platform managed by UTZ CERTIFIED and trading of green certificates through GreenPalm.  RSPO eTrace is a traceability system that covers only the physical trading of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) and its fractions.

  • No, RSPO eTrace does not affect the trading of green certificates through GreenPalm. Your transactions under the GreenPalm certificate trading program should continue to be recorded through the GreenPalm system.

  • The online platform is technically developed by UTZ CERTIFIED, as the service provider. We have used this opportunity to name the system as RSPO eTrace so that independent of the service provider used, there is clarity that this is a RSPO commissioned and utilized system and platform.
  • Certifying Bodies will be required to include this process into their audits. After every audit, the CB has to upload the certificate and other related documents in eTrace and also include the levels to which the certified company is allowed to trade.