Employee Profiles And Responsibilities


Darrel Webber
Secretary General

Darrel Webber joined the RSPO as Secretary General in January 2011, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. His last position was Senior Associate of Global Sustainability Associates, a role which required him to provide senior counsel to companies and organisations about agricultural development (including oil palm). Prior to that, he was Senior Manager Palm Oil Sector Engagement at WWF-International and regional manager for companies such as Permanis Sandilands Sdn. Bhd. and Shell Malaysia Ltd. From 2007 until 2009, Darrel Webber was a RSPO Executive Board Member representing the Environmental NGOs constituent through his position at WWF International. Darrel was also actively involved in the initial discussions and development of the RSPO Principles & Criteria. Darrel speaks in numerous thought leadership forums and conferences all around the world on sustainability.


Salahudin Yaacob
Technical Director

Salahudin Yaacob joined the RSPO Secretariat in mid April 2011. As the Technical Director, his key responsibilities are in the areas of RSPO certification schemes for both the Principles and Criteria (P&C) as well as the Supply Chain.

Prior to joining RSPO, Salahudin was managing natural resources certification programmes with the world's most established certification body, SGS, based in Kuala Lumpur. Trained as a botanist and later in environment and natural resources management, he has been involved with certification since the early 1990s when he was part of the WWF working group that was instrumental for setting up FSC. He was later attached to a risk management company, managing and conducting environmental risk assessments as well as monitoring work for various development projects in Malaysia.

He is a qualified auditor under a number of certification schemes i.e. ISO, FSC, PEFC, MTCC and RSPO, primarily covering the South
 East Asia region as well as China, India, Africa and Latin America.


Eileen Ho 
Finance & Administration Director



Stefano Savi
Acting Communications Director

Stefano joined the RSPO in June 2013. He is a physics graduate with extensive sales and marketing experience in various sectors including the energy and utilities market both in continental Europe and the UK. In his role as Communications Manager, Stefano is responsible for executing the communication strategy through stakeholders engagement, media relations, development of social media platforms and events. He considers his role in RSPO as his responsibility to raise awareness on what he thinks is one of the most crucial sustainability challenges of the coming years.



Danielle Morley
European Outreach & Engagement Director

Highly experienced strategist, advocate and senior manager of international development programmes. Danielle is an effective facilitator of stakeholder engagement and partnerships for policy development in sustainable development. 

With WaterAid from 2001 to 2012 where founded and developed Freshwater Action Network into a major local to global NGO network in the water and sanitation sector, with regional hubs for south Asia, Africa, Latin America.  Led global membership to collectively secure many policy wins through action-research, campaigns and policy influencing.  Instrumental in securing recognition by the UK and later the UN of the human right to water and sanitation. 

Prior to that worked for Stakeholder Forum for two years, consulting to governments and coordinating multi-stakeholder policy dialogue on energy and water, culminating in the Bonn Freshwater Conference 2001.  

In 2012 set up Twenty50 Sustainability, a consultancy whose associates specialise in developing strategy and policy, communications, global level initiatives and stakeholder partnerships.  

Experienced advocate and good communicator, invited to speak in many high level policy forums, e.g.Rio 2012 UN Global Compact, 2012 World Water Forum Ministerial Conference, 2011 Bonn Water-Food-Energy Nexus.  

Danielle is a UK qualified solicitor and previously worked as a property and environmental lawyer for commercial firms.  

MSc from Imperial College in Environmental Technology (Global) and is a Trustee at the Environmental Law Foundation and Freshwater Action Network Global.  

Lives and works in London.



Ravin Trapshah
Member Relations Manager

Ravin joined the RSPO Secretariat’s Communication Team in October 2012 to manage Member Relations, which includes the production and dissemination of all communications related enquiries and materials, outgoing correspondences, trademark and corporate logo related matters as well as taking the lead on several advocacy projects. He has prior experience with Public Listed Companies and MNCs through various industries which included Logistics, Electronics, Leisure and Hospitality as well as Education with his field of focus the entire time being Communications.



Inke Van der Sluijs
Technical Manager Europe

Inke van der Sluijs joined the RSPO in November 2013 as part of the European office of the RSPO secretariat. Her previous position was at the Dutch Product Board for Margarines, Fats and Oils (MVO), where she worked as a policy advisor on sustainable development. During this position, Inke ran the secretariat of the Dutch Task Force on Sustainable Palm Oil and was a member of the Standing Committee Communication & Claims. Further, she was involved in the joint meetings of the national commitments in Europe and gave support to the Belgian Alliance on Sustainable Palm Oil. All this work inspired her to apply for the new position of Technical manager for RSPO in Europe. Inke received her PhD in biology and worked in ecology, conservation, and sustainability projects.

At the European office of the RSPO, Inke can assist in supply chain certification and answer questions from companies that would like switch to sustainable palm oil by one of the different trade options. Further, she will support the Standing Committee Trade & Traceability, assist supply chain accredited certification bodies, and keep up to date with the developments in rules and regulations for vegetable oils in Europe. She is looking forward to collaborate with all players that stimulate market transformation to sustainable palm oil in Europe.


Julia Majail
Smallholders Program Manager

Julia joined the RSPO Secretariat Office in July 2011. Prior to that, she was with WWF-Malaysia since 2003, and was the Project Manager to one of WWF-Malaysia's landscape-based projects in Sabah. Prior to joining WWF-Malaysia, Julia worked for 15 years with Sabah Foundation in various capacities including as a Senior Socio-Economic Development Officer. Julia has a Bachelor's degree in Social Science majoring in Mass Communication and Political Science, and a Master's Degree in Education Management.

She currently is the Smallholders Program Manager, based in RSPO Secretariat Office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also responsible in managing the RSPO Smallholder Support Fund (RSSF).


Jan Van Driel 
Supply Chain Manager

Jan Van Driel has joined RSPO as Supply Chain Manager end of July 2013. Jan has long illustrious professional history in palm oil industry. After his graduation from Delft Technical University in chemical engineering, Jan joined Unilever in the Netherlands. Within Unilever he took up several roles in the oils and fats business in the Netherlands, USA and UK. As a result of an acquisition he then worked for Golden Hope Plantations and later for Sime Darby as regional director EMEA. His most recent responsibility, prior to joining RSPO was vice-president of Soyuz Corporation in Kaliningrad, Russia.

Jan is a familiar face in RSPO having been a member of the original RSPO Criteria Working Group and also later as a member of the P&C Review Task Force. As a Supply Chain Manager, he will be the focal person on issues pertaining to supply chain certification and will coordinate the operation and activities of the Trade & Traceability Standing Committee (T&TSC) and other relevant working groups. He will also provide support to the RSPO members seeking supply chain certification, assist RSPO approved Certification Bodies as well as work closely with UTZ and Greenpalm in monitoring the trade of RSPO certified oil.

Melissa Chin  

Melissa Chin
Greenhouse Gas Manager

Melissa joined the RSPO Secretariat in July 2012. She graduated in 2008 with a Masters in Environmental Science, Policy and Management, a degree that was jointly issued by Lund University, University of Manchester, Central European University and University of the Aegean under the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship programme. Prior to RSPO, she has worked with WWF-Malaysia as the climate change coordinator as well as a multinational food manufacturer to oversee all environmental matters resulting from their operation. Melissa will be the focal point for greenhouse gas (GHG) related issues in the RSPO for internal and external stakeholders.

Bremen yong  

Bremen Yong
Certification & Training Manager

Bremen joined RSPO Secretariat in May 2011, and after a short stint away he has returned to RSPO as the Certification & Training Manager. He has been undertaking projects and carrying out activities in relation to RSPO certification schemes for the Principles and Criteria (P&C); ensuring certification process requirements have been fulfilled, assessments are performed in compliance with RSPO standards, and ultimately to assist members in achieving P&C certification. He has also been engaging qualified trainers for P&C and supply chain lead auditor courses, and organizing workshops for certification bodies. He has in the past coordinated activities for RSPO Communications & Claims, and lately involved in the RSPO Criteria Taskforce and National Interpretation process.

Prior to that, he worked as the Senior Manager, Strategic Planning & Operations for a public listed company in palm oil sector. He has also worked with multinational corporations and public listed companies in the past two decades in diverse fields of business, from middle to top management level in strategic planning, process improvement, managing projects and essentially getting things done - as project leader, as well as business co-founder and director in one of his endeavors.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Finance (University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland) and an MBA in Business and Management (University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia). He loves the environment, peace, travel and photography. He is a believer of a better world for human being through mutual respects, and striving for achieving a good balance in whatever events that cross path in life - in pursuit for the greater good.



Oi Soo Chin
Biodiversity & Conservation Manager

Soo Chin joined the RSPO secretariat in July 2013. Prior to that, she was a Project Coordinator for the Malaysian Environmental Consultants (MEC), a natural resource, environmental management and planning consultancy firm, where she was attached to for 10 years.She has worked on numerous projects and possesses vast experience in HCV assessment, sustainable palm oil auditing, due diligence, natural resource conservation and management in Malaysia and Indonesia. Soo Chin’s educational background is in forestry.In her new role, she will facilitate and manage biodiversity issues in relation to RSPO certification including support RSPO members to maintain high conservation values within the plantation operation.


Rahayu Zulkifli
Dispute Settlement Facility Manager

Rahayu joined RSPO in January 2014 as the Dispute Settlement Facility Manager. Among her main job responsibilities include facilitating fair and lasting resolution of disputes raised against RSPO members by affected communities and indigenous people. 

Rahayu has an LLB Degree from Liverpool John Moores University, and qualified as an Advocate & Solicitor in the High Court of Malaya. Her previous job experiences include being a Company Secretary and managing legal departments in a broadcasting company as well as an oil & gas service provider. In 2003, and in pursuit of her passion for environmental conservation, Rahayu joined an environmental NGO to work on turtle conservation with the local communities in Terengganu, Malaysia. She firmly believes in justice, fairness and in finding equitable solutions to conflicts between disputing parties. Her interests include scuba diving, bird-watching and photography.


Ravin Krishnan
Complaint Coordinator

Ravin Krishnan joined RSPO in May 2012 as the Complaints Coordinator. He coordinates all complaints against members from around the world and facilitates the meetings of the Complaints Panel of RSPO.
Ravin has more than 19 years of corporate experience in diverse industries such as education, insurance and financial services. He specialises in the area of employment law and has a keen interest in socio–economic–legal issues. Ravin holds a law degree from the University of London, a postgraduate diploma in human resource management and an MBA from the University of Newcastle Australia. Ravin is a firm believer in sustainability and the RSPO way.



Victoria Ramalingam
Membership Executive

Victoria joined the RSPO Secretariat in early of June 2012 as a Membership Executive. Victoria’s key responsibilities include processing new membership applications, managing the RSPO membership database as well as handling enquiries by organizations interested in becoming RSPO members.
Prior to joining RSPO, she was an IT Lecturer as well as the Programme Coordinator (Diploma in Business Studies) in the private education sector where in the 8 years she was there, she gained much exposure and experience in dealing with an international community while dealing with students from all across the globe. She now optimizes this knowledge in overseeing and managing membership applications and database of RSPO Members worldwide.
She is contended that her role in RSPO is essential towards the organizational goals and on a larger scale, the sustainability agenda for a better future.


Salmiah Hasbullah
Administrator & Finance Coordinator

Salmiah joined RSPO in March 2011 as the Executive Assistant to the Secretary General. However, with extensive knowledge through her years in the banking sector, she was offered to join the Finance and Administration Department in June 2011.Salmiah was previously attached to the Bank of America and AMBank Berhad.In her role as Finance and Administration Executive, her primary responsibilities are Debtors Management and Finance, especially concerning Payment related matters. She also facilitates and manages the administration of the RSPO Secretariat in matters concerning Travel, IT and Back Office matters.



Dayangku Mazrianah
Executive Assistant to the Secretary General

Dayangku joined the RSPO Secretariat in Early December 2012 as the Executive Assistant to the Secretary General of the RSPO Secretariat. Her primary responsibility is overseeing the Secretary General’s schedule i.e. coordinating meetings, interviews and travel arrangements. Her other key roles include organizing and managing the RSPO Executive Board meetings as well as aiding Human Resource related matters for the organization. Dayangku joined RSPO as a fresh graduate from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), majoring in Central Applied Management Studies. She had the opportunity to intern at the Sabah Urban Development Corporation (SUDC), a property developer, where she gained knowledge and experience in Human Resource Management, Administrative Skills and Project Management; all of which she optimizes in her tasks and responsibilities in RSPO. Dayangku believes that RSPO would be able to make the world a better place by practicing sustainability.





Desi Kusumadewi
RSPO Indonesia Director

Desi Kusumadewi joined the RSPO Indonesia Liaison Officer since December 2006, and was appointed Indonesia Director in November 2010. Prior to her work with the RSPO, she spent 6 years working for Lyman Agro – an oil palm plantation company, where she started her role in various positions at its regional office and estates in West Kalimantan before held position as Secretary to Marketing Manager at its head office in Jakarta. She received her degree in Agricultural Social Economics from Bogor Agricultural University in 1997. Her passion for the palm oil world has led her to taking the Master in Environmental and Energy Management study at the University of Twente, The Netherlands. Her thesis on the assessment of negotiated agreement as additional policy instrument to promote GHG emissions reduction as part of the sustainability criteria, was dedicated to the Indonesian palm oil industry.


Dr Asril Darussamin
Indonesia Smallholder Affairs Technical Manager

Asril Darussamin has been engaged with RSPO activities in 2004 as a member of the RSPO Criteria Working Group. Since then he has been involved in RSPO related activities, as the Chairman of the Indonesia Smallholder Working Group, member of the Indonesian National Interpretation Working Group, and the HCV RSPO-Indonesia Working Group. He used to be a research scientist in palm oil and rubber as well as in biotechnology for estate crops. He holds an MSc in plant physiology (Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia) and PhD in biochemistry (Oregon State University, USA).


Imam A. El Marzuq
TaskForce SH & Dispute Settlement Facility Assistant Manager

Imam A. El Marzuq joined the RSPO in April 2012 as a TaskForce SH & Dispute Settlement Facility Assistant Manager based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Prior to his work with the RSPO, he spent 6 years working for Sinarmas Forestry – a pulp & paper based forest plantation company, with as a Forest Management Information System Head. Imam graduated in 2005 with a degree in Forestry Management from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. He believes that sustainability is one of the principal foundation to attain future objectives towards a better world.


Amalia Prameswari
Communications Manager



Nanda Ismael
Finance & Admin Executive