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October 2012 | RSPO Monthly eGazette –7
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Teoh Cheng Hai, First Secretary-General, RSPO (2004 & 2005) - A monthly contribution from inspiring and therefore, influential individuals from around the globe - with admirable passion, dedication and an intrinsic motivation to honour the world we dwell in, in some way or another. We are thankful that here, they take time to share their candid insights about the journey towards certified sustainable palm oil – including its lack, its glory and the hope that lies ahead . [Find out more]

 World Wise

RSPO Confident Of Positive Momentum In India And China [click here]

Global Leaders And Experts To Gather At World’s Largest Sustainable Palm Oil Meeting By RSPO [click here]

RSPO P&C Review: Draft Published for Public Consultation: 1 October – 30 November 2012 [click here]

Announcement On 9th General Assembly (Ga9) Of RSPO Members [click here]

RSPO Co-Organizes Meeting On European National Endeavours In The Netherlands

On September 11, a meeting with European representatives of various national bodies, associations, and industries took place at the offices of the Dutch Product Board Margarine Fats and Oils (MVO) in Rijswijk, the Netherlands. The meeting was co-organised by RSPO, the Dutch Task Force Duurzame Palmolie and the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH). The goal was to discuss the present and the future of national endeavours in favour of CSPO. The meeting saw the participation of representatives from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and the UK. The meeting consisted of presentations on the state of play in the different countries and an interactive discussion focused on the acceleration of the uptake of sustainable palm oil in Europe, how to secure industry commitment, common challenges, the promotion of national endeavours and alignment with RSPO’s strategy for Europe. The meeting was a success and the participants will meet again towards the end of this year. More

Announcing RSPO’s PalmGHG (Greenhouse Gas) Calculator

The PalmGHG Calculator developed by the Greenhouse Gas Working Group 2 of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) will be available for use before the end of 2012. Palm oil producers will be able to use the calculator to estimate and monitor their net greenhouse gas emissions. The Calculator will also enable palm oil producers to identify the hotspots in their production chain and thereby guiding emission reduction opportunities. The PalmGHG calculator has recently undergone a peer review by a panel of palm oil and life cycle assessment (LCA) experts and the comments have been taken into consideration to further develop the tool. To support interested members in using PalmGHG, RSPO is planning to hold the first training workshop at the end of November or early December this year in Kuala Lumpur. More information on PalmGHG will be shared during the Preparatory Cluster on Greenhouse Gas at the upcoming RT 10 in Singapore.

Annual Communications of Progress Report (ACOP) – submissions currently being processed [click here]

WWF Launches 2050 Criteria Guide To Responsible Investment In Agricultural, Forest, And Seafood Commodities [click here]



Malaysian Palm Oil Board Hosts Forum In Sydney, Australia

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) held a forum in Sydney in Australia in the month of September 2012, chaired by YB Tan Sri Shahrir Absul Samad, Chairman of MPOB. It was attended by TYT Dato’ Salman Ahmad, Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Malaysia ke Australia and Datuk Hassan Salleh, Konsul Kehormat Malaysia ke South Australia. The forum was attended by over 75 delegates from non governmnetal organizations; zoos; food associations; academicians; educational institutions and academicians; etc.

The forum was intended to open channels of communicationa and create dialogue as a response to media impressions in Australia focusing on the negative implications of the palm oil sector on deforestation and endangered species across south east asia. Several presenters shared their perspectives at the forum; amongst them: Mr. Darrel Webber (RSPO); Dato’ Carl Bek Nielsen (United Plantations Bhd), Dr. Carl Traeholt (Copenhagen Zoo), Dr. Marc Ancrenaz (HUTAN), Tuan Haji Khairudin Hashim (Sime Darby), Ms. Rachel Lowry (Zoos Victoria), Mr. Kim Leighton (Australian Food & Grocery Council), and Mr. Tim Cronin (WWF Australia).


Public Forum in conjunction with OFIC 2012,(In conjunction with OFIC 2012 )
OFIC 2012: Oils & Fats International Congress 2012
Organised by
Malaysian Oil Scientists’ & Technologists’ Association (MOSTA)
website: www. mosta.org.my

On September 12, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Darrel Webber, Secretary General of the RSPO participated in a forum aimed at addressing:RSPO Sec General with MOSTA Public Forum panellists.

How can the ETP plans and programmes be translated into reality?

Can the industry achieve the targeted growth rates? Can the industry contribute towards Malaysia becoming a high income economy by 2020?

Can the palm oil industry generate an income of RM178 billion by 2020, compared to RM80 billion last year? What are the enabling measures to further strengthen the role of this industry in the future?

What are the impediments and how can these be overcome?

The Forum was moderated by Mr M. R. Chandran, Council Member of MOSTA and comprised the following experts who will cover subject matters such as:

Malaysia’s Strategic Outlook – Is the ETP Achievable? Mr. Stephen Hagger, Malaysian Country Head, Credit Suisse Securities, Malaysia;

Plantation Industry: Upstream Challenges Mr Ramesh Veloo, Tradewinds Plantations Bhd. Malaysia;

Maximising Resource Use Efficiency in Oil Palm based Agro-ecosystems: Prof.Sayed Azman-Ali, Crops for the Future, Research Centre, Nottingham University, Malaysia Campus;

State of the Palm Oil Downstream Industry: En. Wan Mohd Zain Wan Ismail, Chairman, Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia

Green Chemicals: Integrating Palm with Nanotechnology: Dr Juzer Jangbarwala, Chief Technology Officer, Platinum NanochemSdnBhd, Malaysia

Multi Stakeholder Initiatives – Staying Ahead of the Curve: Mr. Darrel Webber, Secretary General, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil


The XVII International Oil Palm Conference in Cartagena, Colombia

In September, with more than 2.000 assistants from the five continents, the XVII International Oil Palm Conference and Expopalma 2012 took place in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. The President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, sent a message to the assistants highlighting that in 2014 the oil palm agroindustry in the country should reach 60,000 hectares planted with oil palm. With a call for the agroindustry to build and consolidate over strong bases its competitive advantages in the oils and fats global market, the Executive President of the National Federation of Oil Palm Growers of Colombia, Jens Mesa-Dishington, inaugurated the XVII International Oil Palm Conference and Expopalma 2012. Mesa said that Latin America has reached the second position among the continents in the production of palm oil. Colombia, more specifically, maintains the fourth place after Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

The Minister of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, Sergio Díaz-Granados, agreed with the Executive President of Fedepalma, Jens Mesa, that the future of this agroindustry depends, among other aspects, in the opening of new international markets. In this sense, palm oil and its sub-products have been taken into account in all the free trade agreements signed in the last few years. The Minister committed to having ready in less than a year the results from the “Economic, Scientific, Education, Technical and Cultural Cooperation Accord between the government of Colombia and the government of Malaysia” to promote and facilitate the transference of technology and the use of good agricultural practices in this country. In this occasion the XVII International Oil Palm Conference, counted with 72 speakers: 63 international and nine national, oil palm growers, investors, businessmen, industrials and traders, suppliers of goods and services, academics, investigators, government officials, experts, technicians, directives and functionaries from trade associations coming from 31 different countries in the five continents.

Darrel Webber, the Secretary General of the RSPO shared that he is determined to bring the actors of the oil palm agroindustry together to develop and implement standards of sustainability. Webber emphasized the importance of sustainability to access new markets. Other speakers included: Director of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, Choo Yuen May; Dorjee Sun, Executive Director of Carbon Conservation LTDA from Singapore; David Guest, Senior Professor at the Botanic School of the University of Melbourne; André Drenth, Main Researcher at the Alliance for the innovation of agriculture and food; James Fry, President and Founder of the English consulting firm LMC International and one of the worldwide authorities in agricultural economics.


RSPO – A Supporting Partner In Csr Asia Summit Held In Beijing

On September 18-19, the CSR Asia Summit 2012 was held in Beijing. RSPO was a Supporting Partner of the Summit, which featured the theme “Local Innovation for Global Challenges” and had an emphasis on corporate engagement in global health. The event started with 3 keynote speeches and a panel discussion, followed by breakout sessions structured into four thematic streams: challenges, stakeholders, disclosure and solutions. Chinese economist Mao Yushi gave the first keynote speech, stressing that corporations not only have to be legally but also morally responsible. Michael Schreider from GBCHealth talked about different ways the private sector can contribute to addressing global health issues. Tang Min, Counsellor to the State Council / Executive Vice-Chairman of the China Social Entrepreneur Foundation discussed the development of social enterprises in China. During the panel discussion, Coca Cola, Accor, Nokia and State Street shared their experiences in helping address global challenges through local innovation. Around 500 delegates participated in the event, including CSR/sustainability professionals, representatives from social enterprises and NGOs, investors, and academics.

 Buzz Wise

  1. Agrina Online, Indonesia
    ISPO and RSPO Equally Important for the Indonesian Market, 30 September 2012
    The black campaign of the palm oil industry starts to develop as the demand of palm oil starts to increase. The rejection from the European Market causes the players in the industry, producers, and growers to sit and establish the RSPO initiative. In Indonesia, more GAPKI members are also eager in obtain certification from RSPO. 96 members are RSPO certified where 50 of the members are growers. Director of RSPO Indonesia, Desi Kusumadewi said Indonesia has overtaken Malaysia as the world’s biggest producer. President SBY has also launched an initiative called Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO). ISPO will be a regulation binding all palm oil industry players by 2014. Secretary General of GAPKI said ISPO is not market driven. Therefore, it is a compulsory certification required by the government. Both have the same importance to achieve a sustainable world in palm oil industry. [More]
  2. China Food News, China – 10th Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Summit will be held in Singapore. [More]
  3. Food Ingredients First, Europe – Global leaders to gather at world’s largest sustainable palm oil meeting. [More]
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  8. Jakarta Post, Indonesia - APEC 2012: Trade As A Sustainable Development Option? [More]
  9. Radio Show by Daabon, Latin America:
     The Voces de Tequendama “Voices of Tequendama” radio show is an initiative sponsored by the Solidaridad Network (funded partially under the POPSI grants) and operated by DAABON through its subsidiary C.I. Tequendama S.A.S. This program is a tool for educational purposes to reinforce the RSPO concepts. It is transmitted through communal local radio on a weekly basis and its heard all around the Aracataca and Reten municipalities; accounting for more than 4000 listeners. The RSPO Principles and Criteria constitute a specific section and each program embarks one principle that is read textually and explained in detail; with an emphasis on those criteria that are critical for smallholders or the company has detected a slight lag on compliance. The program belongs to the DAABON Sustainability Department.



RT 10 – Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil
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