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November 2012 | RSPO Monthly eGazette –8
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Prof Tommy Koh- Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore - A monthly contribution from inspiring and therefore, influential individuals from around the globe - with admirable passion, dedication and an intrinsic motivation to honour the world we dwell in, in some way or another. We are thankful that here, they take time to share their candid insights about the journey towards certified sustainable palm oil – including its lack, its glory and the hope that lies ahead . [Find out more]


  1. RSPO Appoints ASI For 3rd Party Accreditation Of Its Certification Process
  2. First independent smallholders in the world to be RSPO certified and
  3. Over 800 Delegates from 36 Countries Gather At World’s Largest Sustainable Palm Oil Meeting In Singapore
  4. 10th Edition of World’s Largest Sustainable Palm Oil Meeting Concludes in Singapore
    RT10 Presentation decks and photos now available on www.rt10.org
  5. RSPO launches 2011-2012 Annual Communications of Progress Reports DIGEST http://www.rspo.org/en/acop_2011-2012
  6. RSPO P&C Review Draft Published for Public Consultation: 1 October – 30 November 2012
  7. New web tools to support sustainable palm oil production and improved forest management in Indonesia launched – Suitability Mapper & Forest Cover Analyzer
  8. Peat Best Practice Manual by RSPO – version 1 & 2 now published
  9. Key technical and communications documents now available in multi languages http://www.rspo.org/en/key_documents
  10. Who is RSPO Simplified
  11. Latest from the Sustainable Investor Working Group which supports sustainable palm oil

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