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RSPO eGazette


·         RT10 – Registration Open for world’s largest annual roundtable meeting on sustainable palm oil

·         RSPO Trademark launched one year ago

·         RSPO Committed to Development of Smallholders Globally

·         RSPO continues to make headway towards its vision

·         RSPO Secretary General Speaks at Tedx-WWF Conference

·         WWF study confirms profitability of sustainable practices under RSPO certification

·         Michelle Desilets: Palm oil and the fate of orangutans

·         Unilever launches video on sustainable palm oil


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RT10 – Registration Open for world’s largest annual roundtable meeting on sustainable palm oil


Date                      : October 30, 2012 to November 1, 2012

Location               : Resorts World Convention Centre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore


Last year, the RT9 witnessed a record high in terms of attendance - over 1000 attendees from 34 countries around the world. -  reflecting the seriousness of all the stakeholders in the palm oil sector about the quest for sustainability. This year, the RT10 is themed: "10 YEARS OF DRIVING SUSTAINABILITY. THE BUSINESS MODEL OF THE FUTURE." Online registration is now open at early bird rates valid till August 19th, 2012 http://www.rt10.rspo.org/c/rt10-conference-fees/. For full details of the event, sponsorship opportunities and other information which will be progressively updated, please visit www.rt10.rspo.org


RSPO Trademark launched one year ago


RSPO TrademarkThe RSPO Trademark was introduced into the market a year ago. To date, 61 RSPO Trademark licenses across 13 countries have been issued. In a recent news announcement, a few organizations commented on the significance of the Trademark towards ethical consumerism – they included New Britain Oils Ltd (NBOL) which recently launched its first certified sustainable frying oil ‘New Britain Finest’ for the foodservice industry carrying the RSPO Trademark; Stephenson Group, one of the world’s leading specialty soap base manufacturers:  Twincraft Soap, a private label bar soap manufacturer; and Seventh Generation, a household and personal care products company.

Please click here to view the full story


RSPO Committed to Development of Smallholders Globally

Last week, the first physical smallholder working group meeting for the year took place – which will now officially function under that Standard and Certification Standing Committee. This change reflects the increased importance and focus on smallholders’ related matters globally. Representatives comprised growers, supply chain representatives and non-governmental organizations, including smallholders. Key discussions covered the need for a 3 year roadmap for the working group.  The proposed smallholder certification and Fresh Fruit Bunch trade was analysed in addition to discussions on a resource mechanism for smallholders. Conclusions were made towards a solid action plan by the upcoming 10th Annual Roundtable Meeting (RT10) in October this year.


RSPO continues to make headway towards its vision

The RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), an international multi stakeholder organization, shared key updates on its strategies and priorities towards achieving its vision to transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm More


WWF study confirms profitability of sustainable practices under RSPO certification

WWF recently published a study report on Profitability and Sustainability in Palm Oil Production, which is based on a research study examining the incremental financial costs and benefits incurred by palm oil production companies as a result of implementing the Principles and Criteria (P&C) of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The objective of this study was to produce a clear guide that aids companies and financiers in decision making and planning towards RSPO certification. More


RSPO Secretary General Speaks atTedx-WWF Conference

TED is a non-profit dedicated to “Idea’s Worth Spreading.” It brings together forward thinking individuals to share insights and endeavours that challenge and change the way we think, live and work. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. The Secretary General of RSPO, Darrel Webber was at TEDxWWF, organized by WWF. His speech entitled “Business Unusual for a Global Commodity” focused on the aspirations of the RSPO and how we as individuals have a role to play in motivating palm oil to be produced and sourced responsibly.

Please click to watch a video of the speech


Michelle Desilets: Palm oil and the fate of orangutans

Michelle Desilets, Executive Director of Orangutan Land Trust, discusses the pressures that deforestation for palm oil, creates on the survival of orangutans. She also covers: Is there such a thing as sustainable palm oil in the context of the challenges of the RSPO process? Is boycott of palm oil necessarily a solution or are there other more effective ways… More


Unilever launches video on sustainable palm oil

In June 2012, Unilever released a video on sustainable palm oil, which gives a background of the crop and presents the actions that Unilever and RSPO are taking to support sustainable palm oil. As mentioned in the May issue of the e-Gazette, upon the release of its Sustainable Living Plan 2011 Progress Report in April 2012, Unilever announced that it would reach its target of 100% certified sustainable palm oil through GreenPalm certificates by the end of 2012, and also announced that it had set a target of purchasing only RSPO-certified traceable sustainable palm oil by 2020.





RSPO Members “Get Together”, Jakarta, 19 June 2012

 The RSPO Indonesia members gathering was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 19th June 2012 as an annual event to bring members closer to each other and share the similar value of sustainability. This initiative was attended by over 80 members from various membership categories including oil palm growers, processors and traders, consumer goods manufactures, NGOs as well as affiliate members. More
Photo Members Event Jakarta_19Jun2012

Carrefour supports Cargill smallholder production of  RSPO certified sustainable palm oil

Carrefour recently announced its presentation of IDR 165 million of premiums to smallholder farmers from PT Hindoli, Cargill’s RSPO certified oil palm plantation in South Sumatra, Indonesia. The premiums, from the purchase of RSPO GreenPalm Certificates, affirm Carrefour’s commitment to sustainable business practices. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Carrefour has a target to purchase its entire palm oil supply through sustainable sources by 2015.  Since 2010, Carrefour has been purchasing RSPO-certified palm oil for all of its products that are manufactured in Europe. More



"Malaysian environmental NGO (Borneo Rhino Alliance - BORA) highlights role of RSPO palm oil producer member in saving endangered species”

RSPO Meets With Banking & Financial Sector In Malaysia

RSPO interacted with key investors and analysts from the banking and financial sector on 12 June 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was hosted by CIMB Bank, a leading regional bank that operates in high growth economies in ASEAN.  The purpose of this event was to provide an understanding on RSPO and its key role in the sustainability of palm oil; and the important role investors play in driving and encouraging companies to integrate sustainable practices within organizations. Also highlighted at the event was WWF’s report on Profitability and Sustainability as well as the WWF Palm Oil Investor Review 2012.  More

WWF Report: Palm Oil Investor Review: http://wwf.panda.org/?204547/Palm-Oil-Investor-Review-2012 WWF Report: Profitability & Sustainability: http://wwf.panda.org/?204548/Profitability-and-Sustainability-in-Palm-Oil-Production/


RSPO Presents Paper at 7th International Planters Conference

There was a gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia amongst oil palm growers as well as governmental and non–government organizations to share and discuss various developments challenges and future of the industry. RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber presented a paper on the RSPO. His key message focused on how agricultural commodities are moving towards sustainability and the inclusive role and philosophy of the RSPO in working together with all players within the palm oil supply chain globally and locally. The Secretary General was also part of a panel session to address questions and comments from the attending delegates. 

RSPO Presents Paper at 7th International Planters Conference



RSPO Executive Board Member speaks at BM TRADA event in London

On June 21st 2012, BM TRADA hosted a conference in London, UK, which featured presentations by RSPO Executive Board Members Hidde Van Kersen and Adam Harrison. The conference sought to provide a forum to debate the future of sustainable palm oil, examine the demands of a range of stakeholders across the industry and raise awareness of the benefits of certification. More


WWF speaks on sustainable palm oil at food industry event in Germany

On June 25th, Carrie Svingen (Manager, Markets and Communications, Palm Oil and Soy of WWF International and member of the RSPO’s Standing Committee on Communications and Claims) spoke at the DNV Pro Food Information Day: "Sustainability - Step by Step to Success" in Meerbusch, Germany. Organized by certification body DNV, the event discussed sustainability standards in the German food, beverage, and packaging industries. More



Joint CFNA-WWF-CGF-RSPO Summit to be held in July in Tianjin, China

On July 18th, the China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum will be held in Tianjin, China. The forum will be part of the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce’s (CFNA) 2012 International Oils and Oilseeds Industry Summit and will be jointly hosted by the CFNA, WWF China, the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and the RSPO. Speakers will include CFNA President Mr. Bian Zhenhu, WWF’s Dr. Jason Clay and Prof. Jirong Sun, RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber, Walmart’s China Senior Director Lloyd Guo, and representatives of Chinese and international companies. More



“In Pursuit of RSPO CSPO” - WWF-CGF-RSPO Summit in Washington

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), WWF-US and the RSPO, jointly hosted the one-day CSPO Summit in Washington DC entitled “In Pursuit of CSPO” on 15th June 2012.  The goal was to help retailers and manufacturers work more closely with major palm oil processors and traders to overcome current obstacles in the uptake of certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) globally.  The meeting was a unique opportunity to engage with the key companies who want to support the sustainable production of palm oil, drive increased understanding on the current availability of CSPO around the world, as well as recognition of steps needed to accelerate uptake of existing and future CSPO.

In Pursuit of RSPO CSPO” - WWF-CGF-RSPO Summit in Washington



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