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August 2012 | RSPO Monthly eGazette – 5
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   World Wise

RSPO organizes Executive Board cocktail “Defining Europe's role in promoting certified sustainable palm oil” in Brussels, Belgium
On July 11 RPSO organized an informal gathering for RSPO members, stakeholders and representatives from the European Union in Brussels to discuss the role of Europe in making certified sustainable palm oil the norm. The event was organized around the Executive Board meeting which took place in Brussels on the same day. Invited keynote speaker was Pavel Misiga, Head of Unit, for Sustainable Consumption and Production, at the European Commission DG for the Environment. Other speakers included Darrel Webber, Secretary General of the RSPO and Jan Kees Vis, President of the RSPO Executive Board, and Global Director Sustainable Sourcing Development at Unilever. The event saw the participation of some eighty people, representing the various stakeholder groups involved in the sustainable palm oil supply chain.

Singapore To Host RSPO’s 10th Edition Of World’s Largest Sustainable Palm Oil Meeting
The 10th Annual Roundtable Meeting on Sustainable Palm Oil (RT10) will be held at Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore, from October 30 – November 1 2012. Organised by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the RT is the world’s largest sustainable palm oil conference and a leading industry event for palm oil stakeholders worldwide. Last year’s edition of the roundtable meeting in Sabah, RT9, attracted a record high of over 1,000 delegates from 34 countries. It is your opportunity to be involved in the global dialogue surrounding sustainable palm oil. Whether and how we address global crises is not a question of science; it's a question of values. We welcome you at RT10. Please register at www.rt10.rspo.org

RSPO Nominated for Innovating Justice Award 2012
RSPO was recently nominated for the Innovating Justice Award 2012 an initiative that is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the City Counsel of The Hague. Among the criteria looked at is RSPO’s role in protecting communities and their economic activities. Nominees will be analysed and the lessons learnt will be put together as part of an Innovation Modal that is available for organisations and countries to learn and apply as part of improving their efforts.

New Improved Traceability System, RSPO eTrace Launched
On July 23, RSPO eTrace, the improved traceability system for administrating the physical trade of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) was officially launched. The RSPO eTrace is used by RSPO members along the palm oil supply chain to trade CSPO. The system ensures transparency, disclosure, clarity and efficiency in the trade. More information including frequently asked questions on the system can be found here

   Nation Wise


The Australia Food and Grocery Council recently joined the RSPO as it member. AFGC is the leading national organisation that represents Australia’s packaged food, drink and grocery product manufacturers. The sector is also Australia’s largest manufacturing sector. Through this membership, the RSPO hopes to link with buyers of palm oil to encourage the purchase of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.Click here to view more


Carrefour Launches First RSPO Trademarked Cooking Oil In Indonesia
The first RSPO trademarked product in Indonesia hit the shelves of Carrefour on 16th July 2012 in the company's own branded ECOplanet cooking oil. The entry of this product in Indonesia's consumer market demonstrates support and appreciation to responsible cultivation by one of the world's largest international retailers. The Certified Sustainable Palm Oil for the manufacturing of ECOplanet cooking oil is sourced from PT. Musim Mas's certified plantations.

The launch of ECOplanet cooking oil on 16th July 2012 in Jakarta was witnessed by the Vice Minister of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Bayu Krisnamurthi, President Director of Carrefour Indonesia, Eric Uzan, Production Director of Musim Mas, Alan Southworth, and RSPO Advisor, Prof. Bungaran Saragih. The event was followed by three parallel activities; a joint press conference between RSPO, Carrefour and Musim Mas; a cooking demonstration by well-known chef to introduce ECOplanet and the RSPO trademark, and a story telling session for elementary school children with the purpose of linking forest and biodiversity conservation in the pouch of ECOplanet cooking oil. View more


China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum held in Tianjin
The first China Sustainable Palm Oil Supply Chain Forum was held in the Chinese city of Tianjin on 18 July. The forum, jointly hosted by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA), RSPO, WWF China and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), brought together a wide range of government, industry, and NGO representatives. Covering both upstream and downstream issues, the forum highlighted the efforts of RSPO and its member companies to promote the production and consumption of sustainable palm oil. The success of the forum in the world’s second largest palm oil importing country is a significant development in RSPO’s aim to transform the China market by making sustainable palm oil the norm. At the forum Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General, presented RSPO’s progress to date and opportunities for the future, highlighting the role China will play in the promotion of sustainable palm oil.
Click here to view more

RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber meets with the China Association of Bakery & Confectionary Industry (CABCI)

On July 19 RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber and Communications Director Anne Gabriel met with CABCI President Zhu Nianlin in Beijing. CABCI acts as a bridge between its members and the Chinese regulators, assisting the government to regulate the bakery and confectionery industry while providing services and consultancy to its members. Palm oil is a key component in bakery and confectionary products and both parties explored ways RSPO and CABCI could cooperate to promote sustainable palm oil in China. The meeting resulted in agreement from both sides to maintain dialogue and seek areas for collaboration in the future.

RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber meets with the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF)
RSPO Secretary General Darrel Webber and Communications Director Anne Gabriel concluded theirtwo-day trip to China with a meeting with ACEF Deputy Secretary General Xie Yuhong in Beijing. ACEF is an umbrella organization composed of over 3,000 civil-society organizations and acts to bring the government, public and NGOs together in order to promote environmental protection and sustainable development in China. It also directly provides policy recommendations to the government. At the meeting Darrel Webber provided an overview of RSPO and highlighted the synergies between both organizations. Participants discussed ways to cooperate, particularly in terms of policy and participation in events. Both parties agreed to seek ways to work together going forward.


RSPO Speaks About Its Vision on Top-tier Radio Station in Malaysia
BFM Radio, one of the top-tier media titles in Malaysia recently interviewed Adam Harrison, Vice President II of the RSPO and Senior Policy Officer for Food and Agriculture for WWF UK. His interview focused on how RSPO is meeting heads on the challenge of realizing RSPO’s Vision to Transform Markets to Make Sustainable Palm Oil the Norm.” It also touched on why RSPO is reaching out to smallholders as it journeys ahead. The link to the interview podcast can be found here

   Growth Wise

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