Standing Committee Communications & Claims

Request for Proposal for Communications Outreach Task Force (July 2013)

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Committee Profile

Last Updated: 24th July 2014

**Composition of Standing Committee comprises 2 members from each stakeholder group and an alternate

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Terms And Conditions(ToR)

Communications & Claims Standing Committee (C&C SC)


The RSPO’s vision seeks to “transform markets to make sustainable palm oil the norm”. The C&C SC contribute towards this vision by advising and adopting appropriate communications strategies, policies and plans that embrace both internal and external audiences.

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Meeting Minutes & Reports

EB Communications & Claims Standing Committee

The Communications & Claims Standing Committee is charged with promoting the use of RSPO certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) including drawing up and policing claims against use of CSPO. This Standing Committee is chaired by the President of RSPO.

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