Communication Circular 5, 23 July 2012

Dear RSPO member,

We are pleased to announce that as of today July 23, RSPO eTrace, the improved traceability system for administrating the physical trade of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) is officially launched!

RSPO eTrace is LIVE!

From today (July 23) onwards all physical CSPO transactions will have to be administered within RSPO eTrace. Please read this communication bulletin carefully in order to make a smooth start with using RSPO eTrace.


Stock positions:

  Only the remaining volume is transferred to RSPO eTrace.

Other Supply Chain Actors:
  Only the stock positions are transferred to RSPO eTrace

  If no annual surveillance assessment report was submitted to for the current certificate period, no access to the RSPO eTrace is granted
  You can view your previous transactions in a “read-only mode” via a link in the Member Area of RSPO eTrace.
  For more information on how your stock is transferred, please see the clarification PDF attached at the bottom of the respective license, in the license section in RSPO eTrace.


Mass Balance Certified Supply Chain Actors:
  If you are a Mass Balance certified Supply Chain Actor with Segregated stock in the old RSPO IT system, you will find this stock accumulated with your Mass Balance Stock in RSPO eTrace.
  However, you hold the same rights for this segregated purchased volume as in the old system; you can still apply the 1:1 Segregation to Mass Balance conversion option.
  Via the read-only link to the old system, you will be able to see how much of your total Mass Balance stock was purchased as segregated.


Program level Mills
  Mills are now licensed in RSPO eTrace for their actual program level (IP/SG/MB)
  However, for the cases we have not received the program level from the Certification Body, it will be Identity Preserved (equal to the old traceability system).


Primary user:
  Some member accounts may have new primary users, since some of the previous primary users appeared with the same email address more than once in the old system. Please familiarize yourself with the new primary user of your member account. If you have any questions, please contact
  Only the primary user will have the rights to adjust the settings of the member account.
  The primary user needs to login first before a normal user or guest user can have access to the member account.


Guest user
  Please note that the member account(s) in which you are a guest user, will only appear in the dropdown menu (see image 1 below) after the primary user has logged in first and has approved the terms and conditions.
  Important: If you are a guest user in multiple accounts, it is important that you always check in which member you are administrating your actions.

Communication Circular 5
Product naming:
  RSPO has updated the naming of the derivative products, resembling general used terms.
  You will find your derivative products migrated according the below updated convention.


Current system RSPO eTrace
Refined PO Refined Palm Oil
Stearin Stearin
Olein Olein
Stearin Solid Fraction Double frac Stearin
Stearin Liquid Fraction Palm Mid Fraction - Olein
Olein Solid Fraction Palm Mid Fraction - Stearin
Olein Liquid Fraction Double frac Olein

Read-only link to the old traceability system:
  This system will only be available in a “read-only mode” that can be accessed via the Traceability System Archive link in RSPO eTrace.
  Please note that if your license was already expired before July 7, 2012 and we did not receive your annual surveillance assessment report on time (see “Stock positions > General” above), the Traceability System Archive link in RSPO eTrace will not work. However, if you had stock at time of expiration, you will be able to verify this as soon as you are licensed again in RSPO eTrace. For this you can consult a PDF document with a screenshot of your stock position in the old system, attached at the bottom of the first license, in the license section in RSPO eTrace.

Quick Start Guide:
  Included in this communication you can find the Quick Start Guide. This provides an easy guidance on how to immediately start using the system.
Receive Receive login details:
  Today, you should receive your login details to RSPO eTrace – username and password – in an email from the sender
  Please check your spam filter as unknown senders might be rejected.
  If you have not received any email by tomorrow (Tuesday, July 24th) with your login details, please contact


First login:

The first time you log in to RSPO eTrace:
  All members need to approve the terms & conditions, which automatically show up when you access the member area for the first time.
  The primary user needs to update the member account’s contact details, and select the contact person for the administration fee invoices send out by UTZ CERTIFIED, before a normal user or guest user can have access to the member account.


Update your data:
  You can now administrate in RSPO eTrace, the transactions made during the transaction free period.
  Note that RSPO eTrace should reflect the actual volumes in your stock as closely as possible. This will be included in the scope of the annual surveillance audit done by your certification body.
  Therefore, if needed, update your data in the system directly after the launch of RSPO eTrace by using the Remove and Trace functionalities.
  For more information on Remove or Trace, please consult the previous communications or the online training material available in the tab Online Training Traceability System.




In order to ensure you feel comfortable using RSPO eTrace, there are 3 ways to familiarize yourself with the functionalities in the system.
1. Webinars (only for 2 more weeks!)
  UTZ CERTIFIED is currently offering virtual interactive training sessions until the 2nd of August.
  Final possibility to register: please, go to the registration page to register for the training session that you wish to attend.
  Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation letter, with all details of the training event you registered for.


2. Online training material
  The online training videos are now available to you in RSPO eTrace, under the tab Online Training Traceability System
  The online training videos visualize and explain in a stepwise manner all the possible activities you can perform within the Member Area.



3.  Helptext
  In RSPO eTrace itself you find a Help section where you can find an explanation on all the possible activities within the Member Area, including FAQ.
  This information is also included in a user manual (PDF format), which can be found in the Download section in the portal.



We kindly ask you to distribute this information within your organization to those involved in the administration of RSPO CSPO physical IP, SG and MB trades.

If you have any questions on functionalities of RSPO eTrace, please send your enquiries to:

For any other requests or questions please contact RSPO at

The prior communications can be accessed here and the Questions & Answers can be accessed via

Good Trading!