Communication Circular 3, 21 June 2012

Dear RSPO member,



  •  July 23rd is the GO-LIVE date of RSPO eTrace, the improved traceability system for administrating the physical trade of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).




Transaction Free Period:

  • There will be a so called “transaction free period” of 10 working days from July 7, 2012 until July 23, 2012 prior to the GO-LIVE date in ensuring that your information from the current RSPO IT-system will be transferred on time and accurately into RSPO eTrace.
  •  During the transaction free period, members are not able to administrate any physical CSPO transaction in the current RSPO IT system, or the new RSPO eTrace system.
  •  Therefore no Traceability numbers are generated during this period.
  •  Your physical trading activities done in the Transaction free period can only be administrated by you, retrospectively in RSPO eTrace after it goes live on the 23th of July.
  •  Please also make sure that all outstanding transactions are confirmed by the buyer before July 7th. All transactions not confirmed before this date will be cancelled. These will also have to be recorded again, retrospectively in RSPO eTrace once it is launched.


Annual surveillance audit:

  • In order to prevent delays - specifically for Mills - please make sure that your annual surveillance audit is finalized and forwarded before June 25.
  •  This will allow the migration team to have adequate time to accurately and fully transfer your certification information to RSPO eTrace.
  • Members who do not complete or submit the yearly surveillance audit report on file by June 25, 2012, cannot be migrated to RSPOeTrace.
  •   Consequently, these members will not be able to administer their SG/MB transactions in RSPO eTrace when it goes live on July 23, 2012.




Stock positions:

  • During the transaction free period, we will take the volume per product remaining on your member account in the current RSPO IT system and we will transfer this volume to RSPO eTrace.
  • Upon transferring all your valid certification information and remaining certified volume, you will be able to start using RSPO eTrace as soon as it goes live on July 23.


1-year license to RSPO eTrace:

  •  Although P&C certification and Supply Chain Certification is valid for 5 years, you are granted only a 1-year license to RSPO eTrace.
  • Every year after a successful annual surveillance assessment, the license will be renewed with the updated surveillance results.


New login details:

  • When RSPO eTrace goes live, you will receive a new username, which is an email address, and a new password for the new system.
  •   Please note that these are different from the current ones you use to log into the current RSPO IT system.


Guest user:

  • As announced previously, for the users that have access to multiple accounts in the current system, we have made it easier to access these accounts. In RSPO eTrace, you only have to log in once in order to get access to all your other member accounts. In this way, you just need to have one password. 
  •  In the member area, you can easily switch between your accounts by clicking on one of the accounts in the drop-down menu at the upper right hand corner. For these member accounts, you will be a so called “guest user”. See image 1 below.


Guest User


Read-only link current system:  Once RSPO eTrace goes live, the current traceability system will be available only as a “read-only mode” while all physical CSPO transactions from then on will have to be administered within the new system: RSPO eTrace





Besides the online training material and in order to ensure you will feel comfortable in using RSPO eTrace, there will be virtual interactive training sessions the week before the system goes live and the week after.


How do you register for the webinars?

  • Please, go to the registration page to register for the training session that you wish to attend.
  •  Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation letter, with all details of the training event you registered for.


Who from your organization needs to attend the webinar?

  •  If you are involved in the administration of RSPO CSPO physical IP, SG and MB trades you are advised to follow the training.
  • Please be informed that different sessions are organized for Mills and Trader/Refiner/End buyer of Palm Product sessions.
  •  Note that the capacity per session is only 15 persons, so full = full. Therefore make sure you register on time.  





Browser support:

  • Note that RSPO eTrace is currently only supported by the browsers Internet Explorer versions 6 to 8 and Mozilla Firefox.
    Browser Support - IE                     Browser Support-Firefox




No UTZ numbers in RSPO eTrace:

  • For every transaction made in RSPO eTrace, transaction ID’s are generated.
  • Note that with these, no final claim can be made as yet.  
  • Only after the sustainable chain has ended a product will receive a unique traceability number by performing the Trace activity.
  • Upon “tracing” an item, a document is created with a unique traceability number that covers the product and volume that you have traced. With this document you can make your sustainability claim.
  • For more information on this topic, see the online training material that will be made available when RSPO eTrace goes live on July 23.


Online training material:

  •  In order to help you getting familiar with RSPO eTrace, we will provide online training material.
  • This online training material consists of videos in which all the possible activities within the member area will be visualized and explained in a stepwise manner.





  • In the next few weeks, please expect to receive the following communications bulletins on RSPO eTrace covering these aspects:
  • Communication 4: More explanation on the migration process and what existing users should do after the GO-LIVE date.
  • Communication 5:  Announcement of RSPO eTrace going live. At this stage you will be able to go in the system and perform your new transactions.


 Inline image 4


The prior communications can be accessed here 
and the Questions & Answers can be accessed via


Spread the news!


We have worked very hard to deliver this enhancement and hope you will find it useful for your business purposes. We kindly ask you to distribute this information within your organization to those involved in the administration of RSPO CSPO physical IP, SG and MB trades.


If you have any questions on or about RSPO eTrace, please send your enquiries