Communication Circular 2, 24 May 2012

Dear RSPO Member,

Few weeks back in the beginning of May 2012, you should have received a note on the preparations the RSPO is making to migrate to the NEW and IMPROVED traceability system called RSPO eTrace for administrating the physical trade of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). RSPO eTrace will be launched by the 3rd quarter (Q3) of 2012.

The first communications can be accessed here and the Questions & Answers can be accessed via

There are 4 key components to this communications piece:

1. Immediate Action required on Annual Surveillance Audit

2. Key Improvements in the newly enhanced RSPO eTrace system compared to current RSPO IT system

3. Activation of personal email address

4. Alert on transaction free period – how will the migration process affect my business?


We have noticed some critical gaps in the required annual certification surveillance audits for the current certification period. It seems that either the annual audits are not being implemented as required; or alternatively, it could be possible that the annual audits have been completed but the surveillance report has not been forwarded by the Certifying Bodies (CB) to It is highly critical that you check the status of this by logging into the current RSPO IT system and verify if your certification details in the system correspond with your annual surveillance report.

ACTION 1: Please make sure that your annual surveillance audit is implemented and that the final report is forwarded to before June 25th, 2012. In this way the migration team has adequate time to accurately and fully transfer your certification information to RSPO eTrace.

DISRUPTIVE IMPLICATIONS:  Members who do not complete or submit the yearly surveillance audit report on file by June 25th, 2012, cannot be migrated to RSPO eTrace. Consequently, these members will not be able to administer their SG/MB transactions in RSPO eTrace when it goes live in Q3, 2012.


In order to ensure you are able to use RSPO eTrace with full ease, this communications piece highlights the key improvements of RSPO eTrace versus the current system. While the original objectives remain the same, the RSPO eTrace has improved functionalities, minor new features together with an enhanced look-and feel as well as user friendliness.

Some examples are listed below:

**Important Points:

1.       It is the member’s responsibility to administer their transactions correctly in RSPO eTrace, in order to ensure that the actual volume CSPO on stock is reflected in the system most accurately. In the future, Certifying Bodies will be required to include this into their audits – an advisory will be circulated on this when that happens.

2.       In order to learn more about these specific functionalities in the system, we will have easy to follow online training videos when RSPO eTrace goes live.

Image 1:

Image 2:


After migrating to RSPO eTrace, a unique email address is needed to serve as username to access a member account. We have noticed that some of you are registered with the same email address under multiple member accounts, which in some cases could lead to conflicting or confusing situations during migration. These specific contact persons have been sent personalized emails on steps required to solve this issue.

ACTION: For those who have received this personalized email, please forward to us the required information as soon as possible, before June 1, 2012. For any information, please consult the details in the respective mail or send an email to


It is our objective to minimize the disruption caused during the migration process for current active users. In line with this, in order to ensure that your information from the current RSPO IT System is transferred in an accurate and timely manner into the enhanced system, there will be a transaction-free period of 2 weeks just before the GO-LIVE date.

During the transaction free period, we will take the volume remaining on your member account in the current RSPO IT system and we will transfer this volume to RSPO eTrace. After we have transferred all your valid certification information and remaining certified volume, you will be able to start using the system as soon as it goes live.

Note that during the transaction free period, the current RSPO IT system will not be available and you will not be able to record any transactions. Any transactions not recorded before or during the transaction free period must be recorded by you retrospectively in RSPO eTrace after it is launched.

Once RSPO eTrace goes live, the current traceability system will be available only as a “read-only mode” while all physical CSPO transactions from then on will have to be administered within the new RSPO eTrace system.

The exact dates for the Transaction free period will be shared with you in the next communication.

Spread the news!

We have worked very hard to deliver this enhancement and hope you will find it useful for your business purposes. We kindly ask you to distribute this information within your organization to those involved in the administration of RSPO CSPO physical IP, SG and MB trades.

If you have any questions on or about RSPO eTrace, please send your enquiries to : 

RSPO eTrace FAQs - please click HERE.