Communication Circular 1, 2 May 2012

Dear RSPO Member:

RE: RSPO eTrace – The Latest Innovation for Traceability

We are pleased to inform you that we will soon be introducing RSPO eTrace - a NEW and IMPROVED traceability system for administrating the physical trade of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). The new system will be launched in the 3rd quarter (Q3) of 2012. RSPO eTrace will replace the existing RSPO IT System.

As you know, RSPO offers four supply chain Models; a physical trading system via Mass Balance (MB), Segregated (SG) and Identity Preserved (IP) through the online platform managed by UTZ Certified and trading of green certificates through GreenPalm. 

What is RSPO eTrace?

RSPO eTrace is the name of the new system, an enhanced version and replacement of the existing RSPO IT System for administrating your physical segregation and mass balance of CSPO transactions.  

Why RSPO eTrace?

With RSPO eTrace, we hope to have improved the current traceability System, in order to serve the vision of RSPO In transforming the market to make sustainable palm oil the norm.  Transparency, disclosure, clarity and efficiency in the physical trading of CSPO along the supply chain are imperative in fulfilling this vision. Members play a key role in ensuring this is achieved by participating, contributing and administrating the RSPO CSPO transactions to the best of your abilities.

How is RSPO eTrace different from the current system?

While the original objectives remain the same, the RSPO eTrace has improved functionalities, new features together with an enhanced look-and feel as well as user friendliness. It is designed to serve as closely as possible the needs of the RSPO members in the supply chain. It will provide a clear overview of your transactions, your stock, and the conversions and downgrades you performed to it.

In addition to this, the RSPO eTrace system also comprises a Download Area, and a Directory. In these respective areas, users can download manuals, traceability information, and search for the contact details of other players in the market.

As per the existing system - all your physical trading of CSPO via IP, SG and MB should be administrated in RSPO eTrace. Please note that as for your transactions under the GreenPalm certificate trading program please continue to record these through the GreenPalm system.

Who will be impacted by RSPO eTrace?


  • RSPO certified members currently using the existing RSPO IT System

In the future:

  • RSPO certified members who are not currently using the existing RSPO IT System but may in the future when they decide to sell or buy RSPO CSPO physically via IP, SG or MB;
  • RSPO members who are newly certified

What about the current information in the existing RSPO IT System?

A dedicated team is preparing to transfer your stock positions from the current system to RSPO eTrace. This will be done in the month before the go-live date of RSPO eTrace in the third quarter of 2012. You will be able to immediately start using the system as soon as it goes live.

Once RSPO eTrace goes live, the current traceability system will be available only as a “read-only mode” while all physical CSPO transactions from then on will have to be administered within the new system. There will be more communications, information, detailed guidelines and steps on the migration process as we get closer to the date when the new system kicks off.

Guidance and communications process

In the next few weeks and months, please expect to receive several communications bulletins on  RSPO eTrace covering these aspects:

  • Communication 2: Update on major changes in RSPO eTrace versus the current RSPO IT System
  • Communication 3:  On what the migration process entails and how existing users are impacted. The final launch date will be shared at this stage.
  • Communication 4: More explanation on the migration process further and what existing users should do after the go live date.
  • Communication 5:  Announcement of RSPO eTrace going live. At this stage you will be able to go in the system and perform your new transactions.

All these communications announcements will also be published on the RSPO website for your easy reference –

Making RSPO eTrace easy for you

In order to learn about the specific functionalities of the system, we will provide online training videos at the moment RSPO eTrace goes live. These online videos explain in an easy step-by-step method how you can best use the system.

Spread the news!

We have worked very hard to deliver this enhancement and hope you will find it useful for your business purposes. We kindly ask you to distribute this information within your organization to those involved in the administration of RSPO CSPO physical IP, SG and MB trades.

If you have any questions on or about RSPO eTrace, please send your enquiries to:

RSPO eTrace FAQs - please click HERE.