CHAPTER II - Membership

Art. 4.1. Eligibility
RSPO is composed of ordinary members in seven different sectors and affiliated members.

The seven sectors are:

  Oil Palm Growers
  Palm Oil Processors or Traders
  Consumer Goods Manufacturers
  Banks and investors
  Environmental/nature conservation NGOs
  Social/developmental NGOs.

Each applicant for membership has to specify and qualify for one specific sector membership.

Art. 4.2. Admission procedure
Parties willing to become members of RSPO should submit a filled-in application form to the Secretariat. Their acceptation as new member of RSPO will be effective after examination and approval of their application by the Executive Board.
RSPO membership is for a two–year period.

Art. 4.3. Expected contribution from the members
Members are expected to:

  • actively and constructively communicate and support the continuation of the Roundtable process and the implementation of Roundtable projects;
  • develop and implement plans of action to their best ability within their own organisations, in accordance with the framework of the Roundtable process, to promote sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption;
  • operate transparently and inform the Roundtable regularly on plans, activities and results in promoting sustainable palm oil production, procurement and consumption.

Art. 4.4. Rights of members
Art 4.4.1 Ordinary members
Ordinary members will have the right to vote at each meeting of the General Assembly, as provided in article 5 below. Ordinary members can have access to all the material produced by RSPO for its members, through the RSPO website and newsletter as well as at RSPO’s secretariat for specific documentation.

Ordinary members or their representatives are eligible for election on the Executive Board by their respective sectors. They can participate in any of the meetings of the General Assembly and thematic Working Groups, as stated in article 6.

Art. 4.4.2 Affiliate members
Affiliate members can attend and participate in any of the meetings of the General Assembly, without voting rights. They have limited access to RSPO information.

The rights of Affiliate members are to be determined in more details by the Executive Board.