Certification Bodies

RSPO Approved Certification Bodies

RSPO has appointed Accreditation Services International (ASI) to manage and implement the accreditation programme of its Certification Scheme. The appointment of ASI further advanced the integrity of its certification process. All RSPO approved Certification Bodies (CB) that operate under the RSPO certification scheme for both P&C and Supply Chain certification must follow procedures and timeline for getting full accreditation.

CBs who are yet to achieve full accreditation by ASI are not
permitted to conduct new certification/recertification assessments for RSPO P&C or Supply Chain, unless it is to facilitate a Witness Audit by ASI, and not allowed to issue new certification for the RSPO P&C or Supply Chain. However, they are allowed to continue with annual surveillance audits of existing certified management units. Level of activities allowed for CBs who have been assessed by ASI with the following status:

* CAB - ASI Accredited Certification Body

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Supply Chain Certification

Principles and Criteria