Herackles Farms - Update on June 8, 2012

Status of case : the Complaints Panel has deliberated on the matter and has communicated to the parties the following:

  1. The panel expresses serious concern that although the RSPO New Planting Procedures seem to have been applied by Herakles the quality and completeness of its outcomes (HCV review and SEIA) have been questioned by the complainants. This is of particular importance given that the region is recognized as a global centre for biodiversity.
  2. The panel would like Herakles Farms to proceed engaging in bilateral discussions with WWFCameroon and other complainants in seeking solutions with respect to the issues raised in the complaints lodged with RSPO. The scope of these bilateral discussions must include all issues related to High Conservation Value areas, Free Prior Informed Consent and Legal Compliance.
  3. The panel has requested a firm commitment and confirmation from Herakles Farms that all land clearing work will be suspended pending the resolution of all the complaints.
  4. The panel has also requested that Herakles Farms and WWF-Cameroon submit their scope of discussion and an action plan to resolve the issues to RSPO on or before 8 July 2012.