Why get certified

There is in an ever-urgent need and growing global concern that commodities are produced without causing harm to the environment or society. RSPO certification is an assurance to the customer that the standard of production is sustainable.


  • RSPO-certified growers account for 18% of global palm oil production (2014).
  • RSPO members make up a large part of the world’s palm oil that is produced and sold in the global market. 
  • Key social and environmental NGOs lend their sighting to the processes for greater transparency and credibility. 
  • As all the members are bound to accept RSPO certification on each other, the value of the status is quite universal.
  • Environmentally and socially responsible buyers willing to pay a premium for responsibly produced products. Some of them have even forsworn dealing in non-certified products and only sourcing through traceable supply chains. In short, any benefit would be for the mill or facility to accrue itself – as a responsible palm oil producer or supplier verified by the RSPO.