PalmGHG calculator

The PalmGHG Calculator was developed by the Greenhouse Gas Working Group 2 of the RSPO to allow palm oil producers to estimate and monitor their net greenhouse gas emissions. The Calculator also enables palm oil producers to identify crucial areas in their production chain and thereby guiding emission reduction opportunities.

RSPO has developed a more user-friendly version of the PalmGHG Calculator, and a pilot programme was launched in March 2014 to review the functionality of the proposed new version. The RSPO Emission Reduction Working Group has assessed the submissions and feedback from participating companies and based on the pilot results, a new and improved version of the calculator is available as PalmGHG V2.0.1.

There is a slight calculation error for POME methane capture (flaring and electricity generation). Please download and install Patch 2.1.1 to rectify.

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