Director Indonesian Operations

Job description

The RSPO RILO Director will represent and promote the RSPO in Indonesia. The incumbent will develop strategies in order to increase awareness and acceptance of the RSPO in Indonesia.

Roles & Responsibilities

- At the request of the Secretary General, to represent the RSPO and the Secretary General at official meetings

- Build the credibility of the RSPO brand in Indonesia through the engagement of stakeholders that include but are not limited to the Government / NGOs / Inter Governmental Organisations / Palm Oil related organisations / Smallholder groups etc.

- Active engagement to influence necessary improvement of regulatory framework to further support the production and use of sustainable Palm Oil in Indonesia.

- To implement the RSPO Roadmap for Indonesia and to ensure that the timelines and outputs are in line with the Roadmap.

- Provide support, direction and guidance to the smallholder programmes / complaints resolution / dispute settlements and measuring Impacts of RSPO activities in Indonesia.

- Overseeing and providing direction on the communication and marketing activities of RSPO and the RSPO trademark in Indonesia.

- Support and provide insights on technical activities with RSPO members in Indonesia.Prepare and submit an annual operational budget for Indonesia to the Chief Operating Officer for review and approval, manage effectively within this budget, and report accurately on progress made and challenges encountered.

- Management and retention of all RSPO Secretariat staff based in Indonesia.

- Coach and motivate staff, identify learning opportunities for staff development and advancement, track work progress in order to build staff competence on the job and encourage motivation, pro-activeness and job satisfaction of all direct reports.

- Apart from the duties stated above, the RSPO Indonesian Director will be required to perform any other duties reasonably assigned by the Secretary General or his/her designate.


Desired Skills and Experience


Degree in Conservation, Environmental Management, Palm Oil Plantation or related field

Working Experience:

At least 10 years of managerial experience specific to palm oil cultivation, conservation, certification or related industries

Technical & Professional Knowledge:

In-depth knowledge and understanding of:

- Palm oil supply chain and cultivation

- Experience in multi-stakeholder engagement, conflict management and policy lobbying and/or development

- In-depth understanding and appreciation of the palm oil industry, trends and issues is an advantage


Greenhouse Gas Executive

Job description

The Technical Executive will assist the GHG Manager in overseeing GHG related issues in the RSPO for internal and external stakeholders. 

Duties & Responsibilities :

- Establish a system to maintain and manage GHG report submissions and review and analyse data contained therein
- Manage and maintain the PalmGHG calculator and promote understanding and awareness among RSPO members and wider stakeholders
- Develop training and awareness materials on PalmGHG
- Organise workshops and events to build capacity of members on PalmGHG
- Periodically evaluate the use of PalmGHG along with other GHG calculators for the purpose of review and improvement of PalmGHG
- Support the GHG in managing ERWG meetings and related activities
- Any other duties that are reasonably assigned by the Greenhouse Gas Manager or his/her designate


Desired Skills and Experience

Academic Qualification :

A Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science, Biology, General Science

Experience :

- Minimum 3 years of working experience preferably in areas relating to palm oil production and/or Greenhouse Gas emissions.

- Fair understanding on environmental sustainability and the oil palm sector.

Skills :

- Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills along with strong organizational ability; must be able to obtain, analyze and evaluate a variety of information, organize, interpret and present it in meaningful oral or written form for varied audiences and provide solid analysis leading to sound decision-making.

- Fluent in English and preferably Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia